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frequently asked questions

basic cake ordering     |     click here for custom cake FAQ

 timesensitive2.pngHow far in advance should I place my order? We recommend placing your order at least three months before your date. If the date you requested is booked we will contact you immediately. Shorter time frames may be possible. Please call us for availability. if your wedding is on a popular weekend, (i.e. Labor Day or Memorial Day) we recommend ordering six months in advance.

Do you ship cakes? Not yet, sorry.

How many servings should I order? One slice per guest is needed if serving the cake to the table as a plated dessert . If you are serving the cake at a station, we recommend servings equal to 80% of your guest count. If the cake is at a sweets table with an extensive selection, then you may only need servings for what equals 50% of your guest count. You might want to consult with your venue or caterer. The top tier is not calculated into the servings; that is for you to take home and save for your first anniversary.

I'm not sure how many people I will have at my wedding yet, how do I calculate what to order? Please give us a reasonable estimate of how many people you are expecting. Two weeks before your date we will confirm your order and at that time you can adjust the amount of cake needed.

Is there a minimum order? Yes, it's $500.

Is a deposit required? Yes, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon ordering to secure your date. please enter deposit50 in the coupon code section when you check out. this will show you the amount due at this time.

When is final payment due? We will contact you two weeks prior to your wedding to confirm your guest count and other details. At that time your final payment is calculated and due.

When will the cake be delivered? We deliver your cake the same day as the wedding and will coordinate with your venue, caterer, or planner as to the time and placement.

How far do you deliver? We deliver within a 25 mile radius of downtown Chicago.

What is the delivery charge? downtown chicago $50; outside of downtown chicago $75. For all other delivery prices please call for a quote.

cakesampleicon2.pngHow do I taste the cakes? You can order sample cakes and fillings of your choice. Each flavor combination (cake/filling) is $10. We recommend that you limit your choices to one or two options. If you need guidance on choosing flavors please give us a call and we would be happy to make recommendations.

If I live out of town can I ship a tasting? Of course. Please keep in mind tastings will require overnight shipping. If the temperature warrants, a charge for cooling materials may apply.

Can I alter the cake design, color, etc.? Our basic cakes are set and cannot be changed. If you would like to customize your cake please review our custom cake pricing and policies and give us a call.

Can you accomodate special dietary needs? Unfortunately, not for our basic cakes. However, we'd be happy to discuss those options with a custom cake order.

How is the size of my cake determined? The number of servings you require will determine the number of tiers the cake will have. Below are the basic guidelines.

Servings of 100-150 = 3 tiered cake

Servings of 155-295 = 4 tiered cake

Servings of 300-400 = 5 tiered cake

Will it save money to have a small display cake with side cakes that go directly to the kitchen for serving? No, our basic cakes and sides cakes are the same price.  We make the size of your wedding cake appropriate for the amount of servings you need.

Fondant vs buttercream? Fondant: A sugar dough that is rolled thin and molded over a buttercream coated cake. It's taste is sweet and texture a bit chewy.  It's finish is matte, as long as the weather is dry, and the edges are rounded. Buttercream: We us an Italian meringue buttercream that is delightfully rich but not too sweet.  It's smooth texture and taste complement all cakes and fillings.

Does temperature affect what finish I should select? If your reception is an an air conditioned room no. If your reception is outdoors care will be taken in timing and placing regardless of your cake's finish.  Neither buttercream or rolled fondant covered cakes should sit outside in warmer temperatures for extended periods of time. 


custom cake ordering

How far in advance should I schedule a consultation? We suggest reserving a tasting time three to six months in advance. If your wedding is on a popular weekend (i.e. Labor Day or Memorial Day), please try to schedule an appointment as soon as you can.

What days do you offer consultations? Appointments are scheduled on the hour; Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9am and 2pm, and wednesdays between 12 noon and 6pm. please keep in mind wednesday evenings are our most popular time slots so they fill quickly.

do you charge for consultations? Yes. it is $25 for two and $10 for each additional person up to four. however, should you have us make your wedding cake this amount is credited towards the total.

what is involved with a tasting? please come to your consultations with as much information regarding your wedding as possible. knowing your venue, floral theme and overall style will help us create the cake that best complements your wedding. then it’s time to taste. we’ll have a variety of cakes and fillings for you to try and combine in order to create a delicious slice of cake for your guests to end their evening with.

how long are the consultations? we allow one hour for tastings. please remember that being late will not always allow us enough time to give you the attention you need.

is parking available? yes, there is street parking. We recommend arriving early, as parking in the city can be challenging.

how much do you charge for a wedding cake? each of our cakes is customized so it’s hard to have a fixed price. most clients select cakes that cost approximately $1000. due to the amount of customization and attention to detail we give to each cake there is a $600 minimum.

how many slices of cake do I need? if you are serving your cake with a sweet table you don’t necessarily need a slice for everyone. just how many slices depends on how elaborate your sweet table is and knowing your guests – are they cake lovers?

should I offer my guests different flavor choices? if you are serving your cake with a sweet table it can be nice to offer your guests some additional variety. it does however add cost to the cake. if you are serving your cake as a plated dessert it is better to keep the flavor combination the same for all your guests.

will it save money to have a faux or display cake with side cakes that go directly to the kitchen for servings? this only saves money and minimizes waste if, for example, you want the look of a cake that serves 300 but only need 150 servings. making a display cake that looks like it serves 300 and then providing 300 servings requires the same amount of labor if not more.

Do you make cakes for sunday weddings? most often our busy saturday schedule doesn't allow us to prepare cakes for sunday weddings but please ask and we'll let you know.

do you make other cakes aside from wedding cakes? we currently focus on wedding cakes and will make a groom’s cake if we are making your wedding cake. the groom’s cakes we make range from elegant to themed but we do not make sculpted cakes.