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ugly truffle assortments

Flour Power sucks - especially if you're sensitive to gluten and/or bell bottoms. Don't just keep the peace, sweeten the deal with this collection to keep your tummy / figure / fashion sense out of trouble. We won't tell the po-po.

the full motley crew

life is all about choices - here's the perfect collection for those who choose not to choose.

down to earth

Perfectly practical. Just like the type of guy you'd take home to meet mom and dad, this collection is drama free, completely stable, and doesn't spend more time getting ready than you do. Snuggle up to your favorite flavors.

from $27.00 - $48.00


"it's what's on the inside that counts"

living dangerously

Designed especially for the palate that craves a ride on the wild side or a rock star's night out. Perfect if your taste buds are okay with not knowing where they've woken up the next morning. No "Walk of Shame" required.

from $27.00 - $48.00


9 piece special chocolate truffle assortment


only sold in chocoholics anonymous bundle


6 piece special chocolate truffle assortment


only sold in tease bundle