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squares assortments

squares assortments

we bake these brownies and blondies the old fashioned way - from scratch - to have an ultra-fudgy texture, a perfect crackly top, and a deep rich flavor. whoever said it's hip to be square? these brownies and blondies are set in their ways and proud of it!


from $30.00 - $55.00


loose ends

we tie up these chewy brownie and blondie edges with a bit of a crunch to make our bundles extra-special or sold solo if you prefer.


from $20.00 - $25.00

10, 20 and 30 piece loose ends only sold in:
chocoholics anonymous
show them you care
show them you care more
show them you care a lot
10 piece square none loose ends sold only in:
no grain, no pain


"brownie basics"